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Our Livestreams are a way to connect with you, and to connect you to our dogs.  Get to know us!  Get to know the wonderful mothers!  Each dog has a personality that you will learn to appreciate.  Part of wanting a lifelong companion is finding a puppy that will have the right parents inside their hearts.  You can watch us train and interact, and sometimes we will have ‘open window’ livestreams of the dogs free time.  You can also request a livestream that fits your schedule.  We are here to serve our dogs and to serve you, so communication is first!  To our Livestreams

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What we are about

We believe that everything is about relationships.  Communication is our priority.  We look for people who value communication, because communication between people is an indicator of communication between people and their animals. 

Please contact us via text message initially so that we can promptly respond to you, answer your questions, provide pictures and videos, and schedule video calls and live streams. 

We would love to get to know you.

Why Choose our Kennel

Thank you for visiting Haus Vom Aughenbaugh.  We have really good puppies.  Hazel and Maya are the daughters of one of the Junior champions of Costa Rica.  Emi and Luna are working line from top lineages. All of them are over the top sweethearts.  You can explore their personal pages on our website and follow their lives on social media.  

Our show lines are classically beautiful, and Hazel was the breeders choice pup.  She is the highly desirable fire red color and we affectionately call her Foxy.  Maya is classically colored and a sweetheart who wants to be near you, but doesn’t demand constant attention and contact, though she is always hopefully waiting for an invitation for affection, petting, snuggling, or a treat.  Our working lines are particularly gorgeous for working line dogs and even compare well to show lines.  Having looked through thousands of pictures and seen many German Shepherd calendars we are always amazed that our dogs have turned out to be the prettiest.  They are the embodiment of feminine characteristics for female German Shepherds and we seek their starkly masculine broader body male counterparts for studs.  

Hazel and Maya’s pups are easy to accommodate and integrate into a family.  Emi and Luna’s pups are are easy to train for obedience, fun tricks, family guardians, and as service animals.  German Shepherds are all easily trainable, but the working lines have ‘high drive’ which makes them more eager to please.  German Shepherds are all family dogs and can do well in highly social environments, or with a single individual home as long as their human is wanting their companionship. 

  • Show Line = Relaxing , enjoying your company, and being the center of attention is our goal.
  • Working Line = Learning a job and being praised for our work is always on our mind.
  • Hazel is Fire Red, Breeder’s choice, Champion Blood, Show Line
  • Maya is Classically Colored, Champion Blood, Show Line, Playful
  • Luna is Dark Sable, Long-haired, Incredible Pedigree, Gentle Giant Guardian
  • Emi is Straight Black, Smaller Size, Incredible Pedigree, Lap Dog Guardian
  • We hope that our communication blows you away!  Try it out by texting or calling us now: 501-204-0245, and mention ‘GSD’!

Communication is the key to relationships with people and animals.  We are looking for communicative homes.  Each home’s desires and needs will be different, but the ability to communicate is so important for the health of our dogs.  You don’t have to be perfect people, because there aren’t any.  To be honest, we want to get to know the people who buy from us and maintain relationship.  We want people who will provide that kind of environment as our pups become your pups.


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Our Dogs





Maya has been with us the longest of these 4.  She is always reminding us that she is number 1.  Luna is soft and fuzzy and has been with us the 2nd longest.  She is shameless and once ate 14 baby chicks in 8 minutes, that is about how long she felt bad about getting caught.  Emi is a small German Shepherd who was raised by one of the 2 best trainers in Costa Rica.  Melvin had invested a lot in improving our handling ability, and he decided to offer Emi to us when he decided he needed to find her a home.  According to Melvin she was the most desired female GSD in all of Costa Rica.  Hazel is stunningly beautiful and does a disservice to any dog she is next to.  She was the breeder’s choice pup of a champion, and the machismo owner cried when he asked us to take her because she needed more attention than he could give and we already had her sister, Maya. 

You made it to the bottom, so one last word.  Communication is the key to relationships with people and animals.  Contact us today.  The world is more protected when we care for and know each other.  German Shepherds were bred first to be mobile fences for livestock, and now they have been bred for their superior temperament, ease of training, and guardian work.  Together with our German Shepherds we can provide the security that comes from quality communication and relationships.  We hope that we can be part of your community, and we invite you to reach out to us today.  Do you need a service dog?  Do you need a guardian dog?  Do you need a family pet?  Do you need a working dog?  Do you need a running partner?  Our world class dogs could be your world class solution.


Whatsapp: +1 501 204-0245

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